Santorini is the Island where nature reveals its most mystical and extraordinary secrets. It is known all over the world for its stunning sunsets and the most breathtaking views of the unfathomable blue of the Aegean Sea.

The Minoan capital of Santorini owes its unique curved shape, famous black-sand beaches, and high, striated black, red, and grey cliffs to the volcano The Caldera - a seven mile crater enclosed by the two arms of the crescent – serves as the harbor of Santorini and is one of its most defining features.
Oia (Epano Meria)
Oia or Ano Meria, is a picturesque village at the northern part of the island. Its unique architecture, quaint churches, marble streets and the incredible views of the caldera and magical sunset create an exceptionally beautiful landscape.

The Santoimage house is located in Oia. From Santoimage’s balcony you can admire the stunning views of Caldera, the endless blue of the Aegean Sea as well as the enchanting sunset.

The Sunset in Oia is an experience that is not described in words. Even for a short time you will feel the energy of the place. You will gaze at the endless horizon with a reddish sun sinking deep into the Aegean Sea. And when the fiery tray sinks into the Aegean, you will have taken this sunset with you forever.
Next to the Santoimage house there is a mini market and many cafes and restaurants. Free public parking is nearby.

The center of OIA can be reached within a short walk, and 5 minutes walking distance from bus and taxi station. In the center of Oia there are variety of cosy restaurants, charming shops, art galleries. Many artists fell in love with the area and settled there. For that reason, the village of Oia has many art galleries.

Oia also has several cultural attractions like the Maritime Museum (3 minutes walking distance) which houses a small library, items from the maritime life of the area, and the vestiges of a Venetian fortress.

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